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Garlands Blackpool: May’s Drag Sensations

Queens of May Unveiled

Garlands Blackpool Glitzy May With Drag Queens Galore!

Welcome to a month-long celebration of drag at Garlands Blackpool, where the glam and the camp dial up to a dazzling new level this May. As one of Blackpool’s top venues for drag entertainment, they’re gearing up for indoor beach parties, cabaret nights, and performances by the most fabulous drag queens. With two bank holidays to amplify the fun, free entry, and fabulous drink offers, it’s the place to be for all your drag cravings. Ready for the run-down? Slip on your party shoes, and let’s follow the yellow brick road right into the heart of the festivities.

Beach Parties and Bank Holidays

Tiki Party Sunday – May 5th: Kick off the month with a Tiki Party that’s all about tropical vibes. Get your lei on and hula into the night with performances that embody the spirit of the islands.

garlands tiki party

Spring Bank Holiday Sunday – May 26th: Fast-forward to the Hawaiian Luau, a camp extravaganza unlike any other. Featuring beloved icons like Miss Cherry Good and Betty Bangs, this party will have you saying “Aloha” to a night filled with laughter, dance, and drag artistry.


TFI Friday with Tina Tuna – May 31st: End the month on a high note with Tina Tuna’s TFI Friday Pay Day Special. From 7 PM, the venue comes alive with a sparkle brighter than a disco ball, all at no cost to enter from 7 pm.

garlands TINA TUNAA Friday 31st May

Weekly Wonders

Mondays with Miss Lightening and More: The week begins with a bolt of excitement as Miss Lightening takes to the stage, followed by the show-stopping Wolfy, the King of Canal Street, and the fierce Shazza Fierce.

garlands mondays

Wonderful Wednesdays: Every Wednesday presents a new queen to steal the show, from the delectable Dragalicious to the enchanting Marie La Rae. Midweek magic continues with the fabulous Bernie De Bra, the delightful Aunty Ginger, and culminates with the captivating Annabelle Lecter.

garlands Wednesdays

Sundays to Savour: Sundays are a weekly highlight reel of talent, starting with David Dale and Izzy Wurfit and continuing with Marigold Addams and Missie Jay. Each performer brings their unique flair to cap off your weekend.

garlands sundays

This May at Garlands Blackpool, come for the queens, stay for the dreams!

With a calendar this packed and vibrant, Garlands Blackpool is truly the beating heart of the drag scene this May. From the weekly shows to the special bank holiday bashes, every visit is a chance to immerse yourself in the artistry and joy of the drag community.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends, don your best outfit, and let Garlands Blackpool be your destination for a May filled with memorable nights, mesmerising talent, and the most magnificent drag performances in town. Fabulous people and a festival of drag await you. This May at Garlands Blackpool, come for the queens, stay for the dreams!